ANNEtte Binney: Children's director

Tell us about your family:

I am the mother of four beautiful children, three daughters and one son.


Where is your hometown?

I am from Charlottesville Virginia.


Briefly tell us how you came to faith in Christ:

I was baptized in my early 20s. I had a wonderful childhood but knew that something huge was missing and became complete when I asked Christ into my life. I then spent the next 30+ years walking through my faith with my loving husband, Blair. 


What's one interesting fact about yourself?

I grew up riding hunters and jumpers and fox hunting.


What's a favorite Bible verse and why?

My favorite book in the bible is James and my favorite verse is James4:8 'Draw near to God and he will draw near to you.'


What's your favorite…

Movie? Anne of Green Gables

Food? Soups

Place to visit? Charlottesville

Activity for day off? Gardening


What are your hopes for JICC? 

I hope that JICC continues to grow as a Christian family and is effective reaching greater Charleston and bringing many to Christ.