karen robertson : office manager


Tell us about your family:

One great husband - Big Lew (you can find him in the church kitchen on Sunday mornings cooking the breakfast) - 38+ yrs of marriage; 2 daughters - both alumni of James Island Christian School class of 2004 and 2007 - Carie, the oldest, is a Dental Hygienist, and she and her husband live in West Ashley (Yay being close to us!).  They have 2 boys ;)  Katie graduated from Clemson (Go Tigers!) and obtained her Masters in Human Resources at Univ of SC (Yikes - House Divided! [talk'in sports that is] but her blood still runs orange) and currently works and lives with her husband in North Carolina.  


Where is your hometown?

I was born and raised on beautiful James Island (so was Big Lew) and am considered to be a true "Charlestonian".  Ya'll hear?  (Could have been a true "Southern Belle" but lost my southern twang years ago.)


Briefly tell us how you came to faith in Christ:

Wow - can that be done briefly?  In the late 80's (time flies) God through His grace answered the prayers of my sister and mother who were praying for me when I was very much in pride and arrogance and living life through my own strength. One night after reading a devotional book I had received in the mail and feeling encouraged by what I read, but not totally convinced that this Jesus would be powerful enough to be my personal savior compared to what I could just do on my own, I prayed in my bedroom the simple dedication prayer to God exactly as it was written in the back of that book, but added with quite a bit of arrogance, "God, if you are real, if you are stronger than me, tougher than me, you have to show me; otherwise, I can never trust you to be my God."  Well after challenging God, and Him obviously not being intimidated by me, He immediately showed up and I experienced a "Paul in the book of Acts" confrontation with Jesus. Through many ways that night He revealed how powerful and loving a God He was which was GREAT NEWS to me!  I surrendered my life to him and have not turned back - excited about what He is to me and how BIG a God He is by sending us our loving Jesus to die for our sins!!! GOTTA LOVE HIM!  


What's one interesting fact about yourself?

I have an identical twin sister named Sharon, so if I don't recognize you it might be because she doesn't know who you are (I am not stuck up, so it must be Sharon you have seen)...


What's a favorite Bible verse and why?

Psalms 55:16 - "As for me, I call to God, and the Lord saves me. Evening, morning and noon I cry out in distress and he hears my voice."

How great is our God! - we can call or cry out to God and it is His pleasure to save us out of our distresses - round the clock He hears our voice!  What a loving Father - What a loving Lord!  There is no fear of lack or want when we are In Christ!


What's your favorite...

movie? Gladiator

food?  Anything cooked on the grill - really anything!

place to visit? Asheville - the mountains are majestic and I get to wear a coat :)

activity for day off?  Well it was 4-wheeling with Big Lew but we're getting older now so maybe running the Cooper River bridge or water ski the English channel - oh, you wanted something I could really do - how about sit and read on the beach and watch people...


What are your hopes for JICC?

My hope for JICC is that it continues through Christ to reflect His Glory: as was formally prophesied to it's founding Pastor, Richard Dority - to "be a lighthouse to James Island, our community and nations"; Where we glorify God by making Disciples of all peoples and preach His Word of truth to the nations;  That we never fail as a body to stay humble, stay yielding, stay hearing, stay growing, stay praying, stay in unity, and stay loving through Christ in order to "let our light shine before others, that they may see our good deeds and glorify our Father in heaven," (Matt5:16); that we will expect the unexpected from God and never limit Him; that we will see multitudes of souls saved and delivered through His Spirit's powerful Word and love - AMEN!


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