Feb 15th - 21st

Weekly Reading

Mon: Exodus 23
Tues: Exodus 24

Wed: Matthew 14-15

Thurs: 1 Corinthians 1
Fri: 1 Corinthians 2-3

Sat: Exodus 25, Psalm 21
Sun: Exodus 26, Psalm 22-23


Weekly Questions

Matthew 16:24-28
This is a very well known passage — and for right reason.  Jesus outlines what it means to be his disciple.
Consider that the cross was the worst form of capitol punishment in the Roman empire — the most horrific way to die.  How does that change the way you think of the phrase “take up your cross and follow him”?  

In what ways are your tempted to “save your life”?  Share that with someone else.  Make sure someone else is praying for you daily to follow Jesus.  And that someone is specifically praying for you not to be one who tries to save his/her life only to lose it.

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