Church membership is an integral part our life together at JICC. Far more than just attending meetings, covenant membership at JICC is about joining a spiritual family who have committed to encourage and support one another in proclaiming the gospel and seeking to make disciples of all peoples. In this way, covenant membership is not like the membership in a country club or social group, but rather is a deep commitment to identify with one another in relationship through Christ and to accept the responsibility of representing Him to the world.

We encourage all who have identified with Christ and the mission and vision of JICC to take the next step toward church membership by signing up for our Covenant Membership Class below. Everyone - including current members, attenders, newcomers - is encouraged to attend. The class is taught by the Elders at JICC, and meets for 7 consecutive weeks on Sunday morning at 9am.  Commitment to Membership is not required upon completion of this class. If you have any questions about covenant membership or this class, please feel free to contact the church office to speak with one of our pastors or elders.


Next Class Begins: October 7

 Please sign up below if you plan to attend! Registration is not required, and you can join us after it begins...  Childcare is available for children (infants - 5th grade). If you have any unanswered questions or concerns, please contact Becca ( 

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If you are married and your spouse is attending with you, please provide his/her information here: (name, email, phone)