JAN 11th -31st

We are inviting our church family to join us as we begin this New Year with a time of prayer and fasting.  This will be a 21 day fast beginning January 11th and concluding on January 31st.

Fasting is about focusing.  It’s about denying yourself of what would normally be sustaining you and looking to God to sustain you.  It is about feasting on Him instead of on food.  

  • “Daniel fast” - fasting meats, sweets, and wheats (including cheese, alcohol and other “delicacies”)
  • Liquid only from sun-up to sun down
  • Fasting lunch, replacing it with prayer
  • Fasting food for specific days or portions of the day

In the Scriptures, fasting is talked about in relation to abstaining from food.  But you might also want to add some type of media, phone, internet, entertainment fasting component to what you choose to do.

Person #1:  Adam does a Daniel Fast for the entire 21 days and fasts food completely during lunches on Tuesday and Thursdays and spends that time at the sanctuary praying.  
Person #2:  Julie lunchtime during the work week.  Fasts completely on Friday leading up to night of prayer.
Person #3:  Sarah cannot fully fast because of a medical condition.  So, she sets aside time during her normal meals to eat more simply and replace the time she gains with prayer.  This is scheduled the day before according to her weekly rhythm so that each day has a distinct time of prayer.  
Weekday Prayer - Sanctuary open for prayer Tuesday + Thursday 11:30am - 1:00pm
Monday Night Prayer - 6:30pm - 7:30pm

  1. Choose what and how you are going to fast
  2. Pick a prayer partner to encourage you and support you through the time
  3. Write down 3 specific things you are praying for and submit them so that we can agree together
  4. Follow along with our Bible Reading Plan 

Your Personal Guide to Prayer and Fasting - article by Bill Bright, founder of Cru
A Hunger for God - free book download from John Piper

Sign up below to let us know how you will be fasting and/or how we can be praying with you.