On the third Wednesday of every month, the men of JICC gather for worship, prayer, and teaching.  It is a time where men receive encouragement and accountability in their personal walk with Christ and in their call to lead their families.

"Towards the end of 2008, the Elders and I were challenged to direct specific attention on the men of our church. We wanted to challenge them to stop being passive and to start leading.  As a result, we decided to turn our monthly leadership meeting into a gathering of all of the men.  This night is not so much a "mens ministry" as it is a leadership meeting of the church where we have extended an invitation to all the men of the church to participate.  We have already seen tremendous fruit from this, and we are looking forward to much more to come!"  

- Pastor Russ


What to expect 

We have new men show up each month, so feel free to come.  You will be welcomed!  At the beginning of the meeting, we eat, followed by worship, testimony and a short teaching.  The night concludes with prayer in groups of about 10. 



6-6:30 - Dinner   (suggested $4 donation)

6:30-8:00 - Meeting