Need a great gift for a loved one this Christmas or just want to share Christ’s love with others? Purchase gifts for the families of the Batwa Community of Burundi, Africa! Ornaments that support the families of the Batwa community in Burundi, Africa can be found on the Christmas tree in the lobby, or view the list and descriptions of gifts at the bottom of this page. Consider getting family, friends, small groups, etc. involved in purchasing a gift together! 

  • To purchase in the lobby: Choose an ornament from the Christmas tree in the church lobby. Make your payment for the amount shown on the ornament at the Guest Services desk (checks made out to JICC or use a cash envelope – be sure to mark on the memo line of your check or cash envelope the item and number you are purchasing of each ornament type). Take your ornament home and put it on your tree or give it to a loved one.
  • To purchase online: Review the list of giving opportunities below. You may purchase the entire amount or a partial amount for a gift. Pay for your gift(s) using the paypal buttons below, or mail a check for the cost of your gift to JICC. If mailed, please designate the item and amount you are purchasing on the memo line and send to: James Island Christian Church, 15 Crosscreek Drive, Charleston, SC 29412.

If you have questions, email Eliza (



HOUSE - $800 each (or give 1/2 of the amount - $400)

This is one of the houses built by JICC for a Batwa family. Your donation will help people buy supplies for a house and then have it built. The Batwa currently live in huts that are small and unsafe. They will be taught how to build their own house, and the gospel will be shared during this learning time.



SANITATION - $200 (or give 1/2 the amount - $100)

Your donation will provide a toilet and out-house for two families to share. Our goal is to build 54 toilet houses to help improve hygiene in the Batwa Community 







FURNITURE - $100 Full Set (or give $20 each bed, $20 table, $20 chair)

Your donation will equip one Batwa house with three simple beds, a table, and chairs.






MEDICAL CARE - $150 (1 year) $100 (8 months) $50 (4 months)

Your donation will provide insurance cards and payment of medical bills for one family.






PORRIDGE - $50 (1 year) $25 (6 months)

This gift provides a daily cup of nutrient-rich porridge Monday-Friday for a malnourished child.




GOATS - $50 Each (or pay half - $25)

Goats provide milk, cheese, and meat for the people to  eat, and the skins, manure, and hair are used for farming and household items. 





SCHOOL SUPPLIES - $30, $20, $10

Your donation will give backpacks, copybooks, pens, pencils, and a uniform to a child for one year of school.  






BABAZI - $60 for One Month's Wages

Give to Babazi to support a woman's monthly income to keep her out of prostitution with a sewing career.





MISSIONARY SUPPORT - $30, $20, or $10

Bonavina works daily with the Batwa to encourage community development and foster individual growth. He meets with village leaders, mediates disagreements, teaches education classes for adults, and coordinates other projects in the village.





COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT - $30, $20, or $10

Monies given to the general fund will be used for the development of a community center, clean water project, or micro-finance projects as needed.