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The Manirakiza Family
Great Lakes Outreach, JICC  |  Burundi

Onesphore began Harvest for Christ ministries in 2001 at the University of Burundi with a group of his classmates. HFC's mission is to develop mission minded leaders to serve the underserved and mobilize young leaders to serve in their local context. In 2015, Onesphore gave his car and salary away to a young leader he has been developing to direct Harvest for Christ. Onesphore still serves as the president of the board, but has moved his leadership into the local church to facilitate the process of revitalizing the local church and developing indigenous church leaders. To accomplish this task, Onesphore has partnered with JICC to begin a church based theological program in his local context.

Onesphore and his wife Innocente have four children – Samuel, Deborah, Daniel and David.




The Guillebaud Family
Great Lakes Outreach  |  Burundi

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Simon Guillebaud was called to serve in Burundi in the midst of their civil war in 1999. He risked his life to travel around the war-torn country and preach gospel to a nation divided. His wife, Lizzie, and three children, Zac, Grace, and Josiah, now partner with him on mission in Burundi. Great Lakes Outreach partners with numerous Christian ministries in Burundi to support them in their strategic service of over 75,000 people throughout the country.

Simon spearheaded the development of the Kings Conference Center, which is now the most successful hotel in the country. This Christian enterprise funds Scripture Union, which was Great Lakes Outreach’s first partner in Burundi. The Kings Conference Center models Godly business practices for a nation that expects corruption. 




Sam and Morgan Knobeloch

Water Mission | Uganda


Sam and Morgan moved to Jinja, Uganda in August 2017 for Sam to begin working as the Project Engineer for Water Mission Uganda. They will be there for at least two years.





The Holmes Family
World Witness  |  Chad (currently in the U.S.)

The Holmes family has followed God's call to work as Bible translators among the peoples of Chad. Trained as linguists, their ministry is a collaboration with Chadians to translate the Bible into the most widely spoken language in the country - Chadian Arabic. Rob and Claudia have worked in Chad since 2002 and have seen several of their friends follow Christ over their years of language study and bible translation. In 2013, they and their team celebrated the New Testament dedication in an event attended by the Prime Minister of Chad. The New Testament has sold over 20,000 copies so far. Translation of the Old Testament is now their focus. One of the most exciting times for the Holmes family was working on the audio drama recording of the New Testament with Faith Comes by Hearing. Rob kept "Paul," "Luke," and "Jesus" on the ball as they recorded, and Claudia kept all the readers fed. The recording is now a tool for many ministries in Chad and Chadians can even listen to the Scriptures on their cell phones. As people all over Chad read and hear the Gospel, please pray for this 'seed' to fall on good soil!

Rob and Claudia call Mount Pleasant home, where they are currently continuing the work of bible translation. They have five children- Julia, Olivia, Annabel, Hannah, and Daniel.





Jennifer Simpson

Kew Baptist Church | London, England


Beginning in September 2017, Jennifer will be serving in London, England with Kew Baptist Church while taking classes in at Proclamation Trust Cornhill. Her work at the church will be focused on evangelism, women's ministry, children's ministry, and administration, and her coursework will be in Biblical Counseling and Teaching. 










The Rice Family
CRU  |  Hungary

David and Susan Rice, and their three daughters, Kathryn, Hannah and Genevieve, have been serving in Hungary for nine years, after three years of serving in Romania. David and Susan are called to reach university campuses worldwide to ensure that there are known witnesses for Christ reaching their populations.

Campus Crusade for Christ is a student and volunteer-led ministry that reaches 35 percent of the world’s university campuses with populations over 18,000. The Rices have found that student leaders are more likely to continue in a life of service to the Lord once they graduate. David serves on the Global Leadership Team for CRU and travels globally coaching and training student leaders. He has developed their training capacity in SE Asia, South Asia, China, East Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, South East Africa, West Africa, North Africa and the Middle East, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Australia. Susan leads a group of women who train leaders in Russia and Eastern European countries. Their goal in this Catalytic Training model is to reach 50 percent of the student population centers of 18,000 and over by 2020.




Thailand Team
SIM  |  Thailand

Chris and Paige and their four children were called to Thailand in 2008. Their service is focused on planting churches and training up and sending out leaders to plant more churches in Bangkok and the central Thai region. The Thai people are one of the most unreached people groups, with less than one percent of the population professing faith in Christ. They have been blessed in seeing the fruit of a few Thai nationals leading new church plants. Their greatest need in growing their ministry is people to serve alongside them.