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The primary mission of the Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy is to provide pastoral care and counseling for employees and families of first responders, as well as the general public; assist the Coroner in notifying individuals who have lost a family member in an unexpected manner; assist the Mobile Crisis Unit and SWAT teams in hostage negotiations and other local emergency situations; and to provide follow-up visitations in the home or in the hospital for victims of crimes and their families.

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Visit http://www.coastalcrisischaplain.org/




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Local churches have put together a place where families and individuals in crisis will receive genuine compassion, care and help (emergency food, medicine utility service, information and referrals.  JICC is among over 25 James Island partnering churches and businesses.   We collect food at JICC every Sunday in the Sanctuary lobby, our assigned food is Macaroni & Cheese (but other non-perishable food is received).  James Island Outreach is open Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, 9:30-11:30am, operated by volunteers from partnering churches.  JICC volunteer day is the 2nd Saturday of each month.  JICC Team leader Warren Herndon, warrenherndon77@aol.com would welcome any new volunteers to serve.  If you can't serve on the JICC day, connect with James Island Outreach for other volunteer opportunities.    visit http://jioutreach.org/ for more information







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Read about the services and beliefs of Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center at http://www.lcbcc.org




Water Mission headquarters is based right here in Charleston, SC. Water Mission is a nonprofit Christian engineering ministry providing sustainable safe water solutions, through a Christian worldview perspective, to people in developing countries and disasters.

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To volunteer with Water Mission, CLICK HERE!

For current updates on Water Mission visit  http://www.watermission.org/news






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Visit http://www.lowcountrypregnancycenter.com/ for more information