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The primary mission of the Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy is to provide pastoral care and counseling for employees and families of first responders, as well as the general public; assist the Coroner in notifying individuals who have lost a family member in an unexpected manner; assist the Mobile Crisis Unit and SWAT teams in hostage negotiations and other local emergency situations; and to provide follow-up visitations in the home or in the hospital for victims of crimes and their families.

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Visit http://www.coastalcrisischaplain.org/




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Read about the services and beliefs of Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center at http://www.lcbcc.org




Water Mission headquarters is based right here in Charleston, SC. Water Mission is a nonprofit Christian engineering ministry providing sustainable safe water solutions, through a Christian worldview perspective, to people in developing countries and disasters.

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For current updates on Water Mission visit  http://www.watermission.org/news






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