We have the blessing of being able to gift our mission
partners with the continuation of our Missions Tree!
This year we have more gift options including
international and local ministries we support at JICC.
Below are all of the Missions Tree Ornaments
that you can give to and support in prayer!


All Price are Suggested Donations. 
Business Cooperatives in Bubanza, Burundi
Through the discipleship and training of  J-Life, the widows in Ciya, Bubanza have begun to grow sugarcane and make soap. The funds from these enterprises are shared among the community. Contributions support new initiatives (learning to sew and grow other crops) and improve current projects. The ladies hope to increase their profits through the purchase of equipment to refine their own palm oil for making the soap.
Contact Eliza Binney for more info, eliza@antiochafrica.com
Suggested Donation $25 or $50
Family Supplies in Bubanza, Burundi
Through the discipleship and training of J-Life, the orphans and widows in Ciya, Bubanza have formed a community that supports one another and models Christ. In order for this community to continue to grow and thrive, they need resources to purchase household and personal supplies. Contributions provide farming tools, reusable feminine care products, reusable diapers, blankets, etc. As able, items will be purchased from other local business collectives.
Contact Eliza Binney for more info, eliza@antiochafrica.com
Suggested Donation $25 or $50
Church Planters/Missionaries in Burundi
Support a local church planter’s family (approximately $8 per day) as well as local missionaries traveling to other areas to coach church leaders. This gift supports the ministry of Onesphore Manirakiza.
Suggested Donation $100 or $200
Education for Children in Burundi
Support the education of a Batwa child in Burundi through a Great Lakes Outreach initiative. This gift helps pay for school fees and other expenses for a Batwa child.
Suggested Donation $50 or $100
Thailand Ministry Center
The Ministry Center will assist in building relationships with local college students. The students will have a place to spend time with missionaries when not in an official class. Contributions go towards outfitting the center with a ping pong table, coffee table, chairs, air conditioner, cooking stove, etc.
Suggested Donation $50 or $100
Refugee Ministry in France
The Holmes family is reaching out to refugees in France to help with basic needs and present the Gospel. This gift will help pay for meals, bus passes, Bible translations, and a refugee emergency fund.
Suggested Donations $10 or $25
Missionary Travel Outreach
Support missionaries who travel within Algeria to follow up with
isolated families who have accepted Christ through Ali Arhab’s ministry.
Suggested Donation $100 or $200
Bible Study Translation
Contributions go toward translating Bible study and church planting materials into Arabic for Ali Arhab’s ministry.
Suggested Donation $25 or $50
Three Rivers Respite Camp
The Alt family is starting a respite camp to help alleviate the hardships and provide a necessary interval of relief for foster families. Gifts will go towards building cabins and purchasing equipment (sleeping bags, life jackets, fishing poles, flashlights, etc).
Suggested Donation $100 or $200
Fostering/Adoption Ministry
Support the families in our church body who are fostering and adopting children. This gift helps cover the financial costs associated with this process.
Suggested Donation $100 or $200