Milton Costa

Russ Miller

Russ serves as our lead pastor overseeing church vision and teaching.  He leads the team of elders who are together responsible for the shepherding and oversight of the church.

Adam Gochnauer

Don Moors

As one of our elders, Don serves on part time staff by meeting general pastoral care needs.

Ralph Farley

Warren Herndon

As one of our elders, Warren serves on our part time staff by meeting general pastoral needs.

Dolph Farmer 

Brian Dausman

As one of our elders, Brian serves as the chairman at James Island Christian School board. 


Chris Talbott

Director of Operations / Lead Deacon

Chris oversees the work of all of the ministry teams responsible for church operations and care ensuring that the vision presented by the elders is carried out.

Jon Lewis

Pastor of Community

Jon is the newest member of our pastoral staff and is responsible for the oversight and further development of our home group ministry as well as our connections team.  Additionally, he is a part of the Sunday morning teaching team.

Karen Robertson

Finance & Office Manager

Karen works full time overseeing the office administration — including finance, HR, and scheduling.

Lydia Farmer

Communication Director + Administrative Assistant
Lydia oversees the church’s communication - including email, website, and app.  She also assists Russ Miller in scheduling, and supports the staff team administratively.

Steve Mattie

Facilities Team Leader
Steve is responsible for overseeing all of the campus facilities - including giving oversight to paid buildings staff and offsite vendors.

Elizabeth Christopher

Children's Ministry Team Leader
Elizabeth serves part time overseeing the staff and volunteers that lead JICC Kids. They partner with parents to ensure that children are nurtured and discipled within a safe environment.

Tim & Beth Salter

Youth Ministry Team Leader
Beth serves part time serving with Tim to lead our ministry to youth and their families.

Jackie Miller

Worship Team Leader
Jackie serves part time overseeing the team of musicians and leaders responsible for leading the church in worship through music.