This year we are hosting "Discovery on Adventure Island" your children will get to explore the ways God's great light shines in the world, and shows them how they can reflect that light in their own lives. Across the whole JICC campus we will take them on a journey from a whimsical lighthouse on an enchanted island. Explorers are guided by a Lighthouse Keeper on an exciting quest to find the mysterious Infinity Lanterns (Love, Trust, Faith, Joy, Hope) to help light their way. Using map coordinates from their Reference Book (the Bible), children discover clues to finding each Lantern while learning how God's light shines in the lives of familiar biblical characters in Old and New Testament stories.


June 13th - 16th Monday - Thursday (9am - 12pm)


K5 (rising) - 5th grade


James Island Christian Church (12 Sawgrass Rd)



What to expect

Activities, crafts, music, skits, snacks, and more!