Discipleship Counseling Ministry
was established to serve JICC by providing
Christ focused professional counseling to its covenant members.

Why our Discipleship Counseling Ministry?

Are you going through a tough time? Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed? Take the step to meet with one of our staff counselors. Dale Salter + Jessie Evans are both licensed professional counselors that will take the time to meet with you and work with you to bring healing through Christ. etc.  

How to Connect for Individual or Marital Counseling

Connecting with our counseling ministry is simple and confidential.
Step 1- Email or call our counseling line
Step 2 – Sit down with us for a consultation (in-person or virtually)
Step 3 – Based on the consultation, you and your counselor will work out the next steps

Meet our Staff Counselors

Dale Salter
Dale has 25 years in the ministry of making disciples on college campuses and military bases, 10 of those were spent serving as counselor to their staff. He spent 8 years with the SC Department of Mental Health, and 13 in private practice. He says with a smile that he moved to Charleston to fish, but the Lord had other plans. Dale faithfully serves JICC with the skills that God has entrusted to him, and we are thankful.
Jessie Evans
Jessie is a licensed counselor, wife, and mom to five young children who has been a member of JICC for 17 years. She is clinically trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, mental health nutritional integration, and is perinatal mental health certified. Jessie is so thankful to have the opportunity to serve JICC in this way, and is excited for how the Lord will use the counseling ministry to strengthen the body.