Marriage WORKSHOP:
Authentic + Lasting Intimacy

Join Neal and Diane Arnold of The Family Collective as they delve into this important topic.  We often talk about intimacy, but often do not understand how to achieve lasting connection with our spouse. What is real intimacy? How can couples make it happen? There are couples married for decades that can be physically close but do not know how to be emotionally intimate. Authentic Intimacy makes us feel content, encouraged, complete, peaceful, and happy. Physical closeness, sex, and romance are important to a relationship, but emotional intimacy revitalizes and enlivens it. The process of reaching for intimacy can cause partners to become emotionally unavailable and lead to an endless dance of pursuit and distancing with each other. In this one-day seminar couples are taught to express deep, underlying emotions, heal trauma together, rebuild trust and have honest conversations about sex from a place of vulnerability and ask for their own needs to be met. Authentic, Lasting Intimacy provides emotional language as well as relational skills for a healthy connection between partners.
DETAILS : February 4th, 9AM - 4PM 

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$30 per couple
Lunch + Materials provided

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Session One--Group Healing:
  • Worship
  • Introduction
  • Healing Exercise for Couples (Inner Healing for Couples)


Session Two--Emotional Connection:
  • Review of Attachment Basics
  • EFT and Emotional Connection
  • Group Attachment Exercises
Session Three -- Working Lunch (Lunch Provided):
  • Straight Talk on Sexual Intimacy
  • Women/Men Break Out Groups
Session Four--Working Through Conflict:
  • IFS and Courageous Communication
  • Working Through Old Issues
  • Individual Conflict Exercise
Section Four- Cultivating Intimacy:
  • Understanding Intimacy and Trauma
  • Rebuilding Trust after Trauma
  • Trust and Intimacy Worksheet
Conclusion - Prayer Ministry + Prophetic Words

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We will not be providing on campus childcare. Rather we will help supplement or provide a full reimbursement for childcare in your home. We encourage you to group with other couples to share childcare resources. Let us know if you need financial assistance in the sign up.

Guest Speakers

Meet Neal and Diane Arnold from The Family Collective

Diane Arnold is a licensed family and marriage counselor, as well as a certified EFT and EMDR
therapist. Through her study of relationship attachment, she has spoken and written extensively on
overcoming trauma and betrayal with remarkable results. She serves on the boards of WOFL, Shiloh
Company, and Ziklag United in Purpose Family Committee. Diane is also one of the founders of
The Grace Center, an international emotional healing center located in South Carolina.
Neal Arnold currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Sunflower Bank which
is located in the Southwestern part of the US. He has held leadership roles in the banking industry
for 35+ years, and he has significant experience growing organizations across all business lines. Neal
enjoys working to build leadership teams, instilling the passion and discipline to improve
profitability, grow revenues and build significant shareholder wealth.

Diane and Neal have been married for 40 years, and have three adult children and two
grandchildren. They have written four books. “Take Heart” is a snapshot of Attachment Theory and
the dynamics of healing relationships. “Face to Face” is a marriage training and coaching workbook.
“Face to Face Pre-martial” is a premarital training and preparation workbook. Diane’s latest book,
“Perfectly Broken,” is a journey of understanding and uncovering your identity and purpose in life.

Through their family non-profit, The Family Collective, Diane and Neal continue to write and speak
on the foundational importance of family and local community connections in building healthy
businesses, cities, and countries.