Jan. 4th - Jan. 10th

Weekly Reading

Monday: Genesis 49:1-33
Tuesday: Matthew 1-2
Wednesday: Genesis 50
Thursday: Romans 1-2
Friday: Exodus 1
Saturday: Psalm 3-4
Sunday: Psalm 5


Weekly Questions

1. Read prayer of Jacob in 48:15-16.  What does this prayer tell us about how Jacob saw the hand of God on his life?  
Consider this in light of all the years he spent believing Joseph was dead.  His life had incredible hardship and yet he looked back on it and calls God his shepherd.  How does the benefit of hindsight allow us to see our suffering through a different perspective?
Read Psalm 23.  Observe and write down the character aspects of God as our shepherd.  Consider the ways in which you need those attributes in your life.  

2. At the end of verse 16, Jacob prays “let them grow into a multitude.”  This can also be translated “Let them be like fish for multitude.”  What was the purpose behind God multiplying the people of Israel?  As disciples of Jesus, how can we pray this over each other (the family of God, our own children, people that we disciple)?  

3. Write a 1-2 sentence prayer that reflects the same concepts that Jacob conveyed -- but in your own words.

4. If you are a parent, talk to your child[ren] about this story and the aspects of Jacob's prayer and how they point to the story of God.  Take the prayer that you wrote and pray it out loud over your child(ren).

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