Jan. 11th - Jan. 17th

Weekly Reading

Monday: Exodus 2-3

Tuesday: Matthew 3-4

Wednesday: Exodus 4

Thursday: Romans 3-4

Friday: Exodus 5

Saturday: Psalm 6-7
Sunday: Psalm 8


Sunday, January 10th

Weekly Questions

1. Take a moment to read Exodus 2:23-25 -- it is a powerful description of God’s heart for his people.  Read it 3 times, then stop and reflect on one word or phrase for 3 minutes.  Repeat this process a few times until you believe God has spoken to you through these words.

Pay special attention to the verbs in this passage.  What does it say that they people were doing?  What was God’s response?  What does this tell us about the character of God?  In what way is this truth significant for you at this moment in your life?

2. Exodus 3 is a really important chapter in the Bible -- both because of the calling of Moses and because God tells someone his name (3:14) - YAHWEH.

3. Watch the Bible Project Video about YAHWEH (LORD)

4. In Exodus 4, God shows Moses some powerful signs to prove that God is with him.  Moses’ response is to argue with God about his inability to speak well and his insufficiency for the assignment (4:10-17).  Read the back through this conversation.  What does this passage tell you about the character of man (Moses) and the character of God?  In what area of your life can your relate to Moses’ insecurity?  How does God’s affirmation of His sovereignty to Moses strengthen you?


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