Jan 25th - Jan 31st

Weekly Reading

Mon: Ex. 12

Tues: Matt. 7-8

Wed: Matt. 9

Thurs: Rom. 9
Fri: Rom. 10

Sat: Ex. 13, Ps. 12
Sun: Ex. 14, Ps. 13-14



Ch. 2 Knowing God by J.I. Packer

We need frankly to face ourselves at this point. We are, perhaps, orthodox evangelicals. We can state the gospel clearly, and can smell unsound doctrine a mile away. If anyone asks us how men may know God, we can at once produce the right formulae--that we come to know God through Jesus Christ the Lord, in virtue of His cross and mediation, on the basis of His word of promise, by the power of the Holy Spirit, via a personal exercise of faith. Yet, the gaiety, goodness, and unfetteredness of spirit which are the marks of those who have known God are rare among us--rarer, perhaps, than they are in some other Christian circles where, by comparison, evangelical truth is less clearly and fully known. Here, too, it would seem that the last may prove to be first, and the first last.  A little knowledge of God is worth more than a great deal of knowledge about Him.
J.I. Packer, “Knowing God”

Weekly Questions

1. Exodus 13:17-22:  This passage tells the story of God's guiding the people with a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.  What does this tell use about the character of God to guide and speak to his people.

2. Exodus 14 and 15:  Consider the power of music and while we sing.  Look at the the details of what happened in the story in 14 and then how it relates to the song in 15.  

Now take this example and apply to your own life.  Think specifically of a place the Lord has been faithful to you, and then write down one sentence of thanksgiving to respond to God.  (You may want to think of a worship song that you know and sing along with that in response.)

Home Group Discussion Questions

Sermon Discussion Time:
Sermon Main Idea: That You May Know the Name of the Lord

1. In Exodus 5:2, how did Pharaoh respond to Moses bringing God’s command to liberate the children of Israel?
2. In Exodus 5:9-12, how did Pharaoh punish the people of Israel for asking to leave? In verses 5:21-22, how did the people view Moses? What did Moses do in response?
3. What does Exodus 6:1 say God told Moses in response to Moses’ and people’s reaction?
4. Recall a difficult period in your life where it appeared God was absent, but in the end caused you to know Him better.
5. In the sermon Russ said that we can know alot about God, but not really know God. Truly knowing God means a transformation takes place. Have there been times in your life, maybe even now, that you feel this way?
6. Those who know God think great thoughts about God. What are some ways that your thoughts about God have changed as you have gotten to know Him?
7. Those who know God have great boldness in God. What are some ways knowing God has made you bolder?
8. Those who know God have great contentment in God. What are some ways knowing God has made you more content?
9. What is a way this next week that you can know God better? How can you do it with someone?

End the Night: Pray for one another. You could also pray for specific people as well if you sensed the Spirit highlight certain people who may need ministering to.

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