Stewardship of Sound Doctrine

Sermon Notes

Key Passage: 1 Timothy 1:3-11

Stewardship vs. Speculation

Definition of terms
ὑγιαίνω hugiainō:   to have sound health, i.e. be well (in body); figuratively, to be un-corrupt (true in doctrine):—be in health, (be safe and) sound, (be) whole(-some).

διδασκαλία didaskalía: instruction (the function or the information):—doctrine, learning, teaching.

What are we called to steward?  A right view of the law.
Romans 7-8

Discussion Questions

1. Where have you seen speculation lead to unfruitful discussion?

2. What questions do you have about Jesus or about faith in Jesus that you would like answered?  Who is a trusted voice to help you answer those?

3. What are some examples of truth that we are called to steward as God’s people?  Reread 1:5 again and commit it to memory.  In what way are you specifically challenged by this as a bullseye target for this task of stewarding sound doctrine?

3DQ - 3 Discipleship questions to ask each other:  What is God saying to you?  What are you going to do about it?  How can I help?


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